The Baker Family :: Grapevine Family Photographer

I went to college with Jenny, and it had been years since I last saw her! Her daughter was only a baby then, so of course this was my first time meeting their son. What a character! It made my night when he showed off his “muscles.” That is, by far, my favorite image.:)Both of the Baker kiddos are cuties, and it was so much fun photographing them! Jenny confided to me that this was their first time ever having family picture done outside! Hopefully they can agree with me that it is so much more fun to run around outside for pictures than it is to sit in a studio under umbrellas and soft boxes. 😉 And hopefully they are now run-around-outside-picture-taking converts!

The Eutsler Family :: San Antonio Family Photographer

Do you remember this cute little guy?? Baby B sure is growing up! I was delighted to shoot some holiday portraits for the Eutslers; and Baby B was delighted to flash his adorable smile over and over again. In fact, I’m not sure he ever stopped smiling at all! This little man is the EASIEST baby ever to photograph! Pair his adorable smile with his sweet and silly spirit and he is a photographer’s dream, without a doubt.

It is always an honor to be asked back to photograph the same family. Knowing that they love the images I’m able to give them makes my job the best ever. And it isn’t one I take lightly. Thank you, Eutsler family, for trusting me once again with your treasured memories!

The Torres Family :: San Antonio Family Photographer

I was originally supposed to do a holiday portrait session with the Torres family LAST year, but as some might recall, I ended up in the hospital the last weekend of October 2011 and spent the remainder of my pregnancy on bedrest. Thus, no more sessions. Shauna was so gracious and understanding when I told her, and I was so relieved! Her response: We’ll plan one for next year! And so we did.:)

I was excited to FINALLY meet Shauna and her family after anticipating it for a year! And, of course, I wasn’t disappointed. Her three kiddos are delightful, and so polite. And I was jealous of the girls’ cute outfits, complete with tights and boots! Adorable! Shauna, thank you so much for your sweet understanding, as well as giving me another try. 😉

The McKenzie and McMurray Families :: Grapevine Family Photographer

After photographing the weddings of both the McKenzie and McMurray families, they feel like family! I am always so honored when I am asked to photograph them again! And honestly, it just keeps getting better and better, because as you can see, they keep adding adorable new family members! You might remember this session from last year when the newest was still in his mama’s tummy! He was super cute then, and he’s super cute now!

It was also this family that gave me my first baby gifts (Samuel was in my tummy at the time of their session last year too!). And as it turned out, one of the toys they gave us was the first toy Samuel grasped and held on to, and it continues to be a favorite! So, he loves all of these guys too. 😉

Thank you McKenzies and McMurrays for trusting me with your families’ precious memories once again!

The Cantu Family :: Grapevine Family Photographer

Another family that I was super excited to see for my Holiday Mini Sessions in Grapevine was the Cantu family! I first photographed this lovely family about 4 years ago, and they have since added a new (adorable) member!

I was amazed to see how the older two kiddos have grown and changed. Kids just grow up so fast….! It was chilly the day of our session, and the kids were all wearing the same jacket but in different colors. I loved it! I love color. It makes for such vibrant images!

The three children have to be some of the most well-behaved children I’ve ever photographed. The older two were so sweet and patient with their little sister. It was absolutely precious. What a lucky little girl she is to have such wonderful older siblings who obviously adore her!!

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