digital negatives & custom prints

Most people are interested in owning the digital negatives from their wedding day or portrait session, and understandably so! However, once you own the digital negatives, it is tempting to simply make all of the prints yourself. I encourage this for the majority of the images you want printed, but I also urge you to consider ordering your absolute favorites from me! That said, it is important that you understand exactly what “digital negatives” and “custom prints” are.

Each image has three different stages:

The first stage is the Raw Image. This is the image right out of the camera. You will never actually see any of your images in this stage, but nonetheless, it is where they begin.

The second stage is the Proof. Proof images are individually adjusted for color, contrast, and sharpness. Proof images are used for your online image gallery, digital negatives, and instant digital downloads.

The final stage is the Custom Print. Custom prints are images that have gone through additional retouching. This can include blemish removal, color enhancements and tonal adjustments, dodging and burning, removal of distracting elements, etc. Essentially, anything that can be done to make your image 100% perfect is done! Images that you order as prints, fine art gallery canvas wraps, and those used in your album go through this final, custom retouching process.






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